"Myke Punk Rock -The Punk Years-" is a 10 song collection of Myke Rock songs. 7 tracks are from his time with Screaming Urge (w/ Michael Ravage & Dave Manic ... + Don Brody on "Runaway") and 1 each from Big Foot Nixon (w/ Michael Ravage & Rich Kinney), The Loonies (w/ Bradley Laskey, aka Bradley Bollocks & Jeff Brown) and Myke Rock & The Anals (w/ Tony Barker & Dewey-Dewey Drum-Drum). This album contains both the powerful punk of the late 70s and the punk/power pop that was always nearby. From the Screaming Urge "No Melody" face punch to "Runaway" (the B-Side of the Screaming Urge "hit" Homework), a crispy Cars-influenced pop/punk rocker, this collection adds a little something more too. The album ends with the potent "War!", another Urge house demolition.


If you purchase this exclusive to mykerock.com special collection digital album download, you will receive an extra track in your email, a 2011 Screaming Urge reunion show live recording of "War!" It's been known to inspire all kinds of body movement, voluntary and otherwise. Oh, and you'll also get some rare pics plus a surprise or 2 with your download.


Myke Punk Rock - The Punk Years

Track List

01) We Are Mono (Screaming Urge)
02) No Melody (Screaming Urge)
03) Phantasy Girlfriend (Big Foot Nixon)
04) Hear Your Call (The Loonies)
05) The -I Know An Asshole- Club (Myke Rock & The Anals)
06) Runaway (Screaming Urge)
07) The Fault Of Myself (Screaming Urge)
08) Not Only For Today (Screaming Urge)
09) X-K (Screaming Urge)
10) War! (Screaming Urge)

Recorded 1979-1987 in Columbus Ohio

Myke Punk Rock
The Punk Years