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Myke Rock BB88:

Myke Rock (USA) - Bass Guitar & Vocals, Alex Acs (France) - Guitar and Thierry Stievenart (Belgium/France) - Drums

A super blues band based in Belgium, BB88 brings the heat of veteran musicians who live for the art of the live show. Though an original music band at heart, a show of say 2 hours is generally constructed by a 50/50 mix of Myke Rock songs and some choice power blues covers. Take a listen to the music player below and see for yourself.

The first and last songs, "No More Monsters" and "Hug" are written and recorded by Myke Rock. This music player serves as a partial playlist of songs that Myke Rock BB88 plays Live. These numbers include original Myke Rock songs AND covers by the original recording artists. ALL songwriters and copyright owners maintain and retain their full rights.