In the spring of 2018, Myke Rock Band (Myke Rock, *USA* – Bass Guitar & Lead Vocals, Claude Aerbeydt, *Belgium* – Guitar & Backing Vocals and Rik Vannevel, *Belgium* – Drums) was born.

Myke Rock, at age 15, joined one of the very first DIY punk rock bands in hometown Columbus, Ohio USA; Screaming Urge, releasing 2 full-length vinyl albums and an underground hit single, Homework. Rock, with various bands, has shared the stage with bands like The Ramones, Cheap Trick, The Busboys, The Wailers (of Bob Marley fame), The Fleshtones, J Roddy & The Business and Eric Gales Band, among others. In January, 2018, Rock landed in Belgium and began performing with notable Belgian artists such as Mauro Pawlowski, Jan Hautikiet, Jamal Thomas (original SOS Band drummer), and Kloot Per W (Kloot Perwez), and more.

Myke Rock Band brings a full-throated concert experience. Audiences can expect a visual journey along with an audio sensory engagement from Rock's beautifully manic stage persona and uniquely athletic bass playing style. Myke Rock Band is a rock band, think Cracker with a Smithereens sauce, garnished with a bit of Led Zeppelin, served with a side of radio active grilled onions. Equally dangerous and deeeeelicious!