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Hailing from the east coast, Philadelphia area of New Jersey, USA, Bill Roseman's music career 
was borne out of a hotbed of influences. Grooving to rock radio of the '70s and being exposed to 
jazz, soul, blues and funk at a young age, drove young Roseman to take up the guitar. A musical 
odyssey that continues to this day, flourished. Deeply inspired by the immediacy and palpable 
expression of electric blues guitarists like T -Bone Walker, B.B. King, Albert Collins and Buddy Guy,
Rosmean set out on a venturesome course. First to learn, then to master the blues as his main 
form of communication. He further honed his craft as a soloist, accompanist, front man/singer, 
songwriter and ultimately, band leader.

Arriving in Belgium in 1990, Roseman helped form the Medford Slim Band. This band released 2 
CDs and appeared at many festivals, including the Amsterdam Blues Festival and the Belgium 
Rhythm & Blues Festival in Peer. Later, during this period, Roseman played with the Calvin Owens 
Blues Orchestra and was in Luke Walter Jr.'s solo group before his untimely passing. Over the 
years, Roseman has performed across Western Europe in Benelux, France, Germany, Austria and 
the UK, not to mention "back home" on the US east coast, including New York City and Philadelphia.

Driven by exceptional drummer Didier Feys and fellow USA transplant, bassist Myke Rock, the Bill 
Roseman Trio continues its powerful journey, providing an always entertaining, crowd-lifting show. 
Presenting an eclectic set list including blues inspired material by Freddie King and Little Walter 
Jacobs, among many others, the band is also known to lay down some classic soul à la Otis 
Redding and Sam & Dave, as well as funk grooves from the likes of James Brown. Rock-n-roll, 
bluegrass, and country foundations pop up, as well. The Bill Roseman Trio's goal is to get the 
people listening, dancing and having fun. Serious fun. And day in and day out, they prove just how 
willing they are to give it everything they've got to accomplish this.